8 Blog Posts Every Leaving Cert NEEDS to Read

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8 Blogs every Leaving Cert NEEDS to read before the exams

The Studyclix blog has loads of really helpful blog posts for students studying for the Leaving Cert.  

Student Subject Guides

We have a large range of guides for subjects studied for the Leaving Cert written by students that give you great practical tips and advice on how to tackle each subject. There are guides in English, Irish, French, Home Ec, Biology, Maths, Accounting and Business.

Teacher Subject Guides

As well as student guides, we have a few subject guides written by teachers who are experts on the subject can can therefore give invaluable advice and guidance on how to get the highest mark in their subjects. You can read teacher guides on Ag Science, Religious Studies and Construction Studies.

How to Study at Home 

Studying at home can be hard. With he endless distractions of TV and the Internet, and no teacher to keep you in line it's easy to procrastinate. This blog gives a few simple but effective tips that help make studying away from school that bit easier.

How to Learn a Langauge

Languages can be tough, but most students have to do at least one for the Leaving Cert whether they like it or not. This blog shoes you how to make language learning easier and more enjoyable.

Take it from the top: H1 Answers

Doing exam answers can be tough when you dont know where to start. Having a template of what a good answer looks like can be a useful way to see how to structure your own work and what's needed. This blog brings together the whole range of H1 answers from real students that are on Studyclix.

Advice for the Orals

The Orals can be a scary and stressful time, but it needn't be that way. This blog breaks down your subjects and the exam format for all of the main languages. There's loads of advice on how to ace the oral in Irish, French, Spanish and German. 

How to Make the Perfect Study Plan

It can be tough studying with no clear direction. This blog helps you to focus in on getting work done by giving handy tips on making your study plan as well as having a handy printable study plan to hang on your wall.


Studying from past papers can be a pain sometimes. Studyclix makes it easier by breaking each subject down topic by topic. This blog shows you some of the handy benefits of PLUS+ access and even has nifty demonstration video, showing you more of the site.

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