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Luckily for you, you don't have to face the dreaded Junior or Leaving Cert just yet. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't make an effort for the summer exams, so try to follow my advice below to get the most from the exams and make sure you're prepared!

How to be eady for Summer Exams

1. Make a Study Plan

The best way to get organised with your study habits and to make your studying more effective is to make a study plan. It will help you visualise what you need to study better and will also encourage you to complete your study goals.

We've made it a little easier for you here at Studyclix by creating a study plan template for you to use. Print it off (or maybe print a new one each week) and fill in the slots of the subjects/topics you want to focus on. Try to focus on your weaker subjects to get them up to standard.
For an extra good feeling, tick off or cross out each box/topic/subject each time you complete the study you planned to do (it's oddly satisfying).

2. Talk to Your Teacher

Unlike the Junior or Leaving Cert, with the summer exams, the exams are put together by your teachers, so they know exactly what will appear in the exam. Try asking them for small hints and tips on what you should be studying for the exams in order to be more prepared. 

3. Practise Past Papers
As always, this is one of the most effective ways to study for an exam. Most of your teachers will be making your summer exam here on Studyclix using our ExamBuilder, which is why you should be practising by making your own exams and testing yourself with all of our past questions by topic. More than likely, the questions you practise here on Studyclix will come up in your exam.
If you're only in first or second year, your teacher may have decided you're not ready yet to be tested with real exam questions from the state exams, in which case I suggest you either practise some of the ordinary/foundation level questions which would be easier, or else keep doing out questions from your textbooks. Practise makes perfect!
4. Put in the Effort

Don't just disregard the summer exams because they're not real state exams. They're still really important and beneficial in letting you know where you need to improve and how you're progressing in school.

Study as much as you can and really try your best. This will give you an accurate idea of your abilities and will let you know how you should proceed next year in terms of how much studying you should be doing and where you need to focus. If you don't try, you won't get a real idea of how well you could do when the real state exams come along!

5. Don't Stress Out
My previous point being said, make sure you don't obsess over these exams either and get too anxious about them. It's important to make an effort but not to burn or stress yourself out. Remember that these exams aren't the end of the world. If you do badly, it's OK, you will then know that you need to try and study harder for next time! 

These exams shouldn't make you nervous. They are just a small test to see how you're progressing so please don't worry about them. If you're feeling stressed please feel free to get in touch with us or reach out to a friend, a teacher or a family member. :) 
You could also read our blog here on exam stress.


Good luck in the exams and enjoy the summer!

Eimear and the Studyclix Team


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