How To Get Motivated To Study For The Junior And Leaving Cert Exams

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One of the questions we're asked most often is how do you get motivated to study? So often, you'll sit down with a pile of work to do and all you want to do is fall asleep. One of the main challenges of doing well in the Junior or Leaving cert exams is to get motivated and stay motivated to study. Check out these tips which might help you get started.

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7 Tips To Get Motivated To Study

1. Bite sized chunks

How do you eat an elephant?  You eat it one bite at a time. With so many subjects to cover, you can get bogged down with the enormity of everything that has to be done. First, break down each subject into a list of topics. This is why using Studyclix is so helpful. Now, concentrate on only one of these topics at a time. Making a study timetable can help with planning this. You can download a study timetable template here

Once you've broken down your study into doable parts, and then carry them out successfully, you'll realise how not-scary and achievable studying is, and you'll feel much more motivated to do more!

2. Set yourself realistic goals

At the start of any study session try write down a list of things you would like to cover. It is important to keep this list relatively short as usually things will take longer than you imagine and you don't want to feel like a failure for not completing your list. As you finish each task on your list, get a big marker and put a line through it.  At the end of each day, look at all the things you covered. At last, you will feel you are making progress. 

3. Reward yourself

Remember it is impossible to concentrate for hours on end.  Try break up your studying by giving yourself rewards for tasks completed. Maybe when you do your first three tasks you could watch Home & Away, go on to Facebook or whatever you feel like. It is important however to try ditch the distractions when studying. Your work space should be relatively quiet and your phone should be on silent. Check messages and Facebook during your breaks, this way, the time you put into study will not be wasted.

4. You're not alone

There are more than 120,000 students going through the same stresses and anxieties as you. Talk to people in your year about how they are getting on or check out the Studyclix discussion forum. It's amazing how much better you will feel when you talk aloud about your concerns and problems. Even better, why not try out a study group with a few friends. Each person takes one topic, learns it and then teaches it to the rest of the group. It's amazing how much more you will remember when it is explained by you or one of your friends. 

5. Starting is the hardest part

Getting started is often the hardest part of studying. Try start with your favourite subject first and only move onto more challenging subjects later. Once you get started you will start to feel more satisfied. 

6. Stay focused on the end goal

Remember, this won't last forever! There will come a day when you're finished with your exams for good. Work towards that day, one step at a time. 

Remind yourself that this is only a short part of your life, that you'll probably only do once, so you might as well give it your all, for the sake of a few months! You'll have time for fun, play, socialising and doing nothing after the exams, but right now, just push yourself to work hard, it won't be long before it's all behind you, and you'll feel much better about the whole experience knowing you've done your best.

7. Test yourself to prove to yourself you're learning

After you have studied a topic It's a good idea to test yourself by doing exam questions. Hopefully if your studying has been effective you will feel like you're getting somewhere and you'll be motivated to keep going. Studyclix PLUS+ and PREMIUM gives you all the tools you need to test your learning against actual exam questions. 

A fun way of gauging how much you know is trying out some Studyclix Quizzes. Our quizzes are divided by topics and can help give you an idea of how well you know a certain topic. Why not give one a go? 


Good luck with the study and remember starting is always the hardest part. It will get better. :)

The Studyclix Team

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