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Junior Cycle Reform - Here's what you think

Ever since the topic of reforming the junior cert was first mooted several years ago, teachers have voiced concerns over the Department of Education’s plans. The proposed changes include:

  • Teachers to mark their own student’s work.
  • A move toward a school-based Junior cycle student award (JCSA) rather than a state-approved Junior cert qualification.
  • More continuous assessment of student’s work.

The teachers, through the two main teaching unions (ASTI and TUI), have expressed their concerns at the proposed changes and have agreed to take strike action.

Last week we ran a survey on Studyclix where we asked both teachers and 3rd year students their thoughts ahead of the first day of strike action. Here’s what we’re hearing

What 3rd years are saying...

The Students answers revealed a deep concern regarding the changes.

  • 60% of students surveyed would have a problem with their teacher marking their junior cert exams
  • 76% of students surveyed felt that their relationship with respective teachers would negatively impact their exam grades.
  • More than half, a figure of 56% would like to see more continuous assessment as part of the Junior Cert
  • Given the choice between the Junior Cert being corrected by their teacher or by an external examiner, 76% said ‘external examiner’

What Teachers are saying...

  • 80% of Teachers are opposed to the current proposal that teacher's internal assessment should make up 40% of student's grade at Junior Cert.
  • 73% feel that they could not assess their own students' work without bias as part of the new junior cycle award.
  • 74% feel the current junior cert, as it stands, needs to be reformed.
  • 68% of teachers have, in the course of their teaching career, felt pressure from a parent to award their child a better grade.
  • In response to the question, 'What is your main reason for opposing the new junior cycle reform?' 85% said, I don't want to assess my own pupils' work.

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