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There are 3 different types of accounts you can have here with us on Studyclix: BASIC, PLUS+ and PREMIUM☆. We often get asked, "what's the difference?" or "why should I upgrade?". To understand more about the differences between the accounts and learn about the benefits of upgrading, just keep reading!


Anyone can sign up to Studyclix with a free BASIC account. With BASIC, you can access our notes and videos and post on the discussion board.
BASIC account users also have limited access to exam questions and marking schemes. For each subject topic, basic users can view 3 questions (2 state and 1 mock) and 3 marking schemes.


In addition to all the features offered with a BASIC account, Studyclix PLUS+ gives you full access to all past state exam questions and marking schemes in all your subjects.

A PLUS+ Account offers you the following:

  • All State Exam questions by topic
  • All Marking Schemes
  • Exam Builder (50 exams)
  • Limited quizzes (5 questions per topic)
  • Aural Revision Tool
  • Print all questions on a topic
  • Print all questions on topic (State Exams only)

The advantage of having a PLUS+ account is access to all state exam questions. When you’re finished studying a topic (e.g. the digestive system) and you want to test yourself, having access to Studyclix PLUS+ can show you every single question that has ever come up on a topic on a state exam. A year’s subscription to a PLUS+ account is €39.99. The same price you might pay for one grind (or less)!


A PREMIUM☆ account gives you full access to Studyclix. In addition to all the state exam questions, we also offer mock questions on all subject topics for only €59.99 for 12 months.

Below is a full list of what a PREMIUM☆ account offers:

  • All State Exam questions by topic
  • All Mock exam questions by topic
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Exam Builder exams
  • Aural Revision Tool
  • Subject Guides & Notes sent to you
  • Print all questions on a topic (State and Mock exams)
  • Print your own past papers (State exams only)

Mock Questions:

The main feature of a PREMIUM☆ account is access to all mock exam questions by topic in addition to state exams questions. Access to mock papers means access to double the amount of questions those on PLUS+ accounts have. By practicing twice the amount of exam style questions, you’re more prepared for an exam and increase your chance of achieving a high mark.


Another major advantage is having unlimited access to our Quizzes feature. Studyclix Quizzes allow you test yourself in an fun and engaging way. Unlike other subject quizzes online, Studyclix Quizzes only have content from the Junior and Leaving Cert exams, meaning everything you learn is relevant. All Studyclix users benefit from our Quizzes features however only PREMIUM☆ users can access all the questions available. Try Quizzes here.

Studyclix PREMIUM☆ users also benefit from having our best notes and subject guides sent directly to them. 

To recap check this out:


If you still have any questions about any of our upgrades, just shoot us a message or email us at 😊

The Studyclix Team

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