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CAO Change of Mind: Here's what you need to know

The CAO change of mind process closes on July 1st every year so here’s some common questions that will help you should you decide to use the service.  

When does the CAO Cange of Mind process close?
17:15 on July 1st

How much does it cost?

It’s free to change 

How do I make Changes?

Login to your CAO application using the “My Application” button on the CAO website.

What about the courses I selected before?

A Change of Mind cancels and replaces the choices you made first time around.

What if I just change my level 7/6 choices?

The Choices you make in each of the two categories remain separate. If you change your course choice in the level 8 category this will not effect your choices on your level 7/6 category.

What about Restricted-Application Courses?

Restricted application courses are exactly that so you cannot add them now if you have not already entered them in the past.

What happens once you fill in your Change of Mind?

If you make a Change of Mind then you will receive notice of your changed course choices by 7th July at the latest. If you do not receive this you need to contact the CAO immediately.

What if I’m still not sure what course to do?

Now that you have a bit of time on your hands you should be spending some time researching the detailed descriptions of the courses on the websites or prospectuses of your chosen college. There’s loads more information on how to pick the right course in these 5 things you should know about filling out your CAO form

CAO Change of Mind Facility from CAO on Vimeo.

Best of luck with whatever course you decide on : )

Luke, Studyclix Team