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How I got a H1 in Leaving Cert French

Leaving Cert French, or any language subject can be a total nightmare if you're not a "languages person". I will admit, if languages are not your thing, you will find it hard to get a H1 in this but there are still ways of getting a good mark by just following some simple steps and studying effectively. If you are a languages person, then great! You have a great advantage and the tips and guide below should just ensure you get that H1.

Surround yourself with French

If you despise the language this might be torture for you but a great way of improving your French without even really trying is by just casually having the French language around you. For example having a French radio station on in the background or read a French news article. It doesn't have to be boring stuff that you don't care about, some French songs are actually really good and there are funny French Youtubers out there too that make the learning process easy and fun.


Realise that you have to do a lot of your own work

Languages different from other subjects in that you're always learning, there's not end to it or no learning certain topics off and thats it. You have to constantly maintain your level of French by practising otherwise you'll just forget it all. Therefore, it's not good enough to just do the classword and homework if you want to do really well in this subject. You need to take it upon yourself to keep up the practise and work at home and make sure none of your vocab or grammar skills slip.

Practice the Listening Comprehensions

Loads of students forget to properly prepare for the listening comprehension which takes up the first 40 minutes of the French exam in June. Check out the AURAL pages on Studyclix which will allow you to listen to the audio while you view the questions and answers. If you practice a few years worth of questions you will see the same vocabulary comes up over and over again.  

Listen to yourself

I know this can be really cringey but it's really beneficial to listen to yourself speaking French so you know what you really sound like and what you need to improve on. The language sound system in French is really different to Ireland so you need to practise getting that French accent. Take the throaty "r" sound, for example. French words in a thick Irish accent sound ridiculous so just exaggerate for the sake of the oral exam, it will pay off. :) 

Know how to study effectively

Because there's a lot to absorb, you really can't waste time with study methods that don't work. There are some tips in our other blog here and there are also many helpful students here on Studyclix that have lots to offer on their study methods, tips, etc. Check out our discussion forum here.

You can read my guide and tips on how to succeed in LC French by clicking the link below.


Good luck from me and the Studyclix Team!