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Learning a new language is never easy, but with a few tips and tricks, it doesn't have to be so bad! Read below to see what Aoife B. did to achieve the top grade in LC Italian!

Set your phone to Italian!

Seeing Italian popping up on your screen will really help you to familiarize yourself with the language! Apps like Duolingo and other Italian games are also super handy to learn Italian on the go. Even 10 minutes a day is great to learn one or two new words or phrases!

Surround yourself with the language

This really benefited my Italian. I found some really interesting Italian podcasts which I listened to on my trip to school or even before bed. There are even ‘Italian for Beginners’ podcasts where the speakers speak more slowly to aid your understanding.

There are also some really great Italian TV shows and movies out there which are not only super enjoyable, but also of great help to your Italian. Reading the English subtitles while listening to Italian is great practice! Either change the language on the movie or watch actual Italian movies and shows on Netflix.

Check out YouTube, too! If you're having trouble with the subjunctive or forgetting how to conjugate ‘isc’ verbs, you can just pull up Youtube on your screen and there are a bank of videos waiting for you!

Read Italian books and magazines, just like movies and tv, are a great way to learn Italian, (while not getting bored!). Reading Italian improves your level of vocabulary. Keep a dictionary beside you to look up new words!

Speak to a classmate in Italian

Find a classmate which you are comfortable speaking Italian to. I personally think this is the best way to practice your spoken Italian. You can talk about things you’re interested in, while speaking in Italian and becoming really confident. You’ll notice your Italian will flow much faster with regular practice. By the time you get to your oral exam, speaking Italian will feel so natural!

To read all of Aoife's tips on all parts of the paper, click here.

Best of luck in the exam!

Aoife and the Studyclix Team :)


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