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Our flashcards can be accessed through the Videos and Notes section. Here, you can download the flashcards and print them out. Otherwise, click on a specific link below to find the flashcards relevant to your subject(s):


LC Accounting

LC Ag Science (Key Terms)

LC Ag Science (Animal Identification)

LC Ag Science (Plant Identification)

LC Biology

LC Business

LC Chemistry

LC Economics (Microeconomics)

LC Economics (Macroeconomics)

LC Engineering

LC French

LC Geography

LC German

LC Home Economics

LC Music

LC Physics (Definitions)

LC Physics (Formulae)

LC Physics (Units)

LC Spanish

LC Technology

LC Italian



JC Business Studies

JC French

JC Geography

JC German

JC History

JC Home Ec

JC Music

JC Religious Education

JC Science

JC Spanish

JC Italian

In addition to the recent Quizzes feature, we are now bringing you another fantastic tool to enhance classroom learning.

Introducing Studyclix Flashcards! Flashcards have been a popular memorising tool among teachers and students for decades. When done properly, flashcards can be an efficient method of getting students to retain information as they learning through active recall.

Many students spend hours and hours making our hundreds of flashcards for each of their subjects. With Studyclix’s Flashcards, we’ve taken the hassle out of making your own flashcards and produced high quality and relevant flashcards for the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert syllabuses.

How Do Studyclix’s Flashcards Work?

If your school has a laminator we highly recommend you laminate the flashcards. If not, try to print the flashcards on thick card rather than paper. Flashcards in the classroom are passed between many students so it’s important to keep them intact!

Below is an example of what the flashcards look like. There are 4 flashcards per 1 A4 sheet. Cut the flashcards horizontally and fold them vertically down the middle so that the keyword is on the front and the definition is on the back.

Suggestions for Using Flashcards In The Classroom

Flashcards can be used in a variety of fun activities. Here are some examples.

Pair Up: Divide students into pairs and give each pair a set of flashcards. Ask the students to take turns quizzing each other on the definitions. One student holds a flashcard up on the keyword side while the student sitting opposite them has to answer with the corresponding definition/vocab word. Ask the students to repeat the exercise until they answer all the flashcards correctly before switching. Rotate the sets of flashcards between the pairs.

Around The World: To play this game, get the students to stand up and form a circle. Choose a pair of students to go head to head to begin the game. To start, hold a flashcard up and the first student to say the corresponding word first gets to move on and compete with the next person as the other students shifts ahead in the circle. The goal is to get all the way around the circle and back to the student’s original spot.

Memory Matching: To play this game, two sets of flashcards must be printed out. Get students to stand over a table and lay one set of flashcards definition side up and the second set facing up the keyword side up. Have students take turns making a match until all the flashcards are matched up. For added competition, introduce races and time trials!

Let us know if you have any feedback!

The Studyclix Team

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