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The Studyclix Team have been working hard over the last year to create a brand new study feature for you: Quizzes!

You asked, and we listened. A huge number of students said they wanted a new, fun way of studying, and so we put together this great new study tool, that is a mix of fun, interactive and engaging.

Keep reading to find out how to use Quizzes.

Studyclix Quizzes Feature - What is it?

Technology is changing the way people learn. Only reading over textbooks for hours isn't a practical or modern way to study anymore. We want to keep up with the changing times, which is why we created Quizzes: a modern and fun way of using your phone or computer to help study for the Junior and Leaving Cert.

Unlike other subject quizzes online, Studyclix Quizzes have content only from exam papers from the Junior and Leaving Cert, meaning everything you learn is relevant.

How does it work?

Using Quizzes is simple. Check out the GIFs below to see what a quiz looks like, or try for yourself here!


There are two ways to take a topic quiz:

1. Navigate to the Quizzes Tab on the right-hand side, choose your subject, level, and topic.

2. From your homepage or Questions by Topic page, click into your desired subject. Click on a topic, then on the right-hand side of the screen, click "Topic quiz" to take the quiz in that topic.


To take a random quiz, not specific to any one topic, navigate to the Quizzes tab, choose your subject, then click "Mixed Topic Quiz".

Types of Question:

There are three types of questions you can be asked: multiple choice, true/false or an open question.

Multiple Choice Questions give you a question, and four possible answers, once you click on your answer, the correct answer will go green. If you get it wrong, your answer will turn red.

True/false questions give you a question, and two possible answers, true or false. Only one can be right :)

Open questions require you to type in your answer, you don't get any options this time!


When you're done, you'll get to see your result as a percentage. This will then be saved to your account as your current score for that topic. If you take the quiz again and get a different score, your mark will be updated!

Then back on the general quiz page for that subject, you can see your overall results for each topic quiz that you've taken, meaning you can assess how you're doing based on the colours and make sure to practise the topics where your results are in the red/orange/yellow colours.

How we recommend using Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way of revising what you've just learned, and you can include it as part of your study routine.


We recommend studying a topic, e.g. Volcanoes in Geography, using your preferred method (past papers, textbook, notes, websites, etc.). When you're done studying the topic, check out how well you know the topic now by taking a quiz in it.

At the end of the quiz, you'll get a score. If it's high, then you'll know you've studied well, and can focus on other topics for a while. If it's low/medium, you know you need more work and should study this topic again soon.


When you've covered the whole course, we recommend using the mixed topic quiz option. This gives you a quiz with questions from various topics on the whole course, so you don't know what topic you could get!

Revise the subject, then take a quiz. This is perfect for the last few days in the run up to an exam, to refresh information.

How do I access it?

Quizzes are available for every user to try out, but only PREMIUM users have full access.

If you're on PLUS+ or BASIC, you can take any topic quiz, but you'll only get 5 questions for each quiz.

To upgrade to PREMIUM, click the button below:



What are the benefits?

- Our aim was to make studying more fun and interactive. A benefit of Quizzes is that it's not something you have to dread doing in the evening, it might even be something you enjoy!

- The use of green on a right answer should also help your brain retain the right answer better.

- Our quiz questions are mostly short and sweet, meaning you don't have to learn big chunks of information at a go.

- Explanations after each answer give you extra info on what you're studying, meaning you can learn as you go.


I'm not happy with one of the answers/questions, how do I report it?

If you feel something's not right, you can click the flag icon on the answer to report a question to us. We'll resolve the issue within 24 hours if necessary.

Some of my subjects don't have a quiz, why?

Some subjects do not currently have a quiz yet. For some subjects, we are working on creating them at the moment, but some are also unfortunately just not quiz-friendly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused here!

Can I learn/study a topic using only quizzes?

We don't recommend this. Although we believe Quizzes are an amazing study tool, we don't think they should be your only source of information. Not all of the syllabus is included in our Quizzes, so we can't guarantee a comprehensive education by using only Quizzes. Your results in our Quizzes might not be reflective of your average result in state-style exams, so please be aware not to take your result on Studyclix as gospel!

We recommend using Quizzes to revise what you've already learned. :)

If you have any feedback or suggestions about our Quizzes feature, please let us know!

Otherwise, happy quizzing :)


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