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We have been working tirelessly over the last year to create a brand new teacher feature for our teachers: Teacher Quizzes!

Our aim is to continue making innovative & new tools to make studying and teaching in Ireland easier. That's why we put together this great new assessment tool that is a mix of fun, interactive and engaging for the students, and helpful and insightful for the teachers.

Keep reading to find out how to use Teacher Quizzes with your class.

Studyclix Teacher Quizzes Feature - What is it?

Unlike other subject quizzes online, Studyclix Quizzes have content inspired only from exam papers from the Junior and Leaving Cert, meaning everything you test your students on is relevant. You can use it to test your students after covering a topic in class, for homework, or whatever you like! All of the work is taken out of it for you, all you need to do is choose a topic & the length of the quiz, and share it with your class, we do the rest. 😊

How does it work?

Using Teacher Quizzes is simple. Check out the GIFs below to see what a quiz looks like, or try for yourself here!

1. Navigate to the Quizzes Tab on the right-hand side, choose the subject you want to build a quiz in.

2. Choose the topic(s) you want to include in your quiz, then click save & preview.

3. Give your quiz a title & change the amount of questions/length of quiz to suit your class.

4. Click into the Questions Tab if you want to preview the questions in the quiz, you can replace any question you don't like:

5. Click "Share with Class" to share your quiz. Insert the name of the class you're quizzing, e.g. 5A, and continue in order to get your Quiz PIN that you can share with your students.

6. When the students start finishing your quiz you set them, you'll get to see their results through the results page for the quiz. You can see each student's individual results: what they got right & wrong. These results will be saved to your account & you can refer to them whenever you need!

You can also view class results, so you can see what topics are strongest & weakest amongst your students:

How your students take the quiz:

- Log in to their personal Studyclix account, or set up a Studyclix account (takes less than 2 minutes!). Head to their quizzes page, and enter your unique Quiz PIN in the appropriate field.

- Once they've finished the quiz, their results will show up on your results page, but also on their own quiz homepage, so they can see their own results too.

Types of Question:

There are three types of questions your students can be asked: multiple choice, true/false or an open question.

Multiple Choice Questions give them a question, and four possible answers, once they click on your answer, the correct answer will go green. If they get it wrong, their answer will turn red.

True/false questions give them a question, and two possible answers, true or false. Only one can be right :)

Open questions require them to type in your answer, they don't get any options this time!

How we recommend using Quizzes

Teacher Quizzes are a great way of testing your students on what they just learned, and keeping track of their progress in class.


We recommend after covering a certain topic in class, e.g. Volcanoes in Geography, create a quiz in the Teacher Quizzes tool, we'll put together questions for you on that topic, and then share it with your students using a unique code. They all log into their Studyclix accounts (or they can set one up in under 2 mins!), take the quiz, and you can see their performance afterwards. This lets you know how well your students have grasped the topic you just did in class, without having to take the time to make out & correct your own exam!


When you've covered the whole course, or maybe you want to give them a mid-term test in several topics covered already, we recommend selecting several topics when building your quiz. This requires broader study & thinking from your students, and shows you how well they're dealing with all the topics you've done so far. 

How do I access it?

Quizzes are available for every teacher completely FREE. All you have to do is log into your Studyclix account & head to the Quizzes page to start building your quiz.

What are the benefits?

- Our aim was to make studying more fun and interactive. The quizzes hopefully won't be something your students dread, but rather find enjoyable, due to the game-like nature of them.

- The use of green on a right answer should also help the brain retain the right answer better.

- Our quiz questions are mostly short and sweet, meaning it can be a quick way of revising & assessing your students, instead of taking up a whole day/week.

- Explanations after each answer give your students extra info on what they're studying, meaning they can learn as they go.


How do I see which questions my students will be asked?

Once you've chosen the topics for your quiz, you'll be taken to the quiz settings page, where you can edit the time & name of the quiz, you'll also see a tab for "questions", click here to see the questions we've put together for you:

I don't like one of the questions, how do I replace it with another?

If you don't want to use one (or more) of the questions we've chosen for you, no problem! Just click "don't use this question" when on the selected question, and we'll replace the question with another.

I'm not happy with one of the answers/questions, how do I report it?

If you feel something's not right, you can click the flag icon on the answer to report a question to us. We'll resolve the issue within 24 hours if necessary. We love getting teacher feedback on the quality & accuracy of our questions, so don't hesitate to let us know if they're not up to scratch!

How do I see my quiz results?

Once your students start to finish taking your quiz, you'll see their results show up on the particular quizzes results page. To access this, just head to the Quizzes page again, find your quiz under "Quizzes I have built", then click "results" next to the quiz you want to view the results for:

Can I share a quiz twice?

You can reshare a quiz, yes. If you want to give the same quiz to two or more separate classes, just share the quiz a second time & give the other class a different name when sharing. The different class results will then both be visible on the same quiz results page.

Some of my subjects don't have a quiz, why?

Some subjects do not currently have a quiz yet. For some subjects, we are working on creating them at the moment, but some are also unfortunately just not quiz-friendly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused here!

If you have any feedback or suggestions about our Teacher Quizzes feature, please let us know! We want to make it as useful & beneficial for you as possible.

Otherwise, happy quizzing 😊

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