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With the new Junior Cycle coming into effect we decided it was time to update our resources to align to the new course. We got a team of expert Junior Cycle teachers on board to create brand new revision content in Irish, Geography, History, Science, Business Studies, French and Maths. Check out the new content and resources below!

'How to Succeed' Guides

The new Junior Cycle has a revised grading system and we've created brand new 'How to succeed' guides which outline, step-by-step, how to get top marks in each subject. Click here to find links to all of our guides.

All of our 'How to Succeed' Guides

CBA Guides

The CBAs are an entirely new element of the reformed Junior Cycle. We know there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding them. To answer this, we got expert teachers to create comprehensive guides help you along every step of the way; from choosing your idea, all the way to submitting/ presenting your project! You can find all of these guides here

All of our CBA Guides


Our quizzes are a great tool to help you revise, practise topics and test yourself. These quizzes have been refreshed, updated and aligned with the new Junior Cycle curriculum. They include more exam-focused questions than ever before! Click here to find updated quizzes. 

Junior Cycle Subject Quizzes

Flashcards and Notes

We also updated our notes and flashcards to reflect the recent changes. You'll discover our new and improved flashcards here, as well as new notes here

Junior Cycle Flashcards

Junior Cycle Notes

Solutions for Sample Papers

As you know, the SEC released sample papers for the new course to give you an idea of what to expect on the day of your exam. However, as the SEC didn't release corresponding solutions, we created our own! This means you can test yourself and see where you went wrong (and right!). You can find our sample solutions on our papers page, or beneath the question on the Questions by Topic page. We also have maths solution videos as well as maths construction videos available! 

We hope you find this new content useful. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help!

Aoife and the Studyclix team.


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