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Sraith Pictiúr 2017 - Watch and Listen to all 20 Sraith Pictiúr

Every 2017 Sraith Pictiúr now on video for you to watch and listen!

We here at Studyclix are always looking for new and better ways to help you study. Our most recent effort is to create a video of each sraithpictiúr for 2017 being read out by our Studyclix team member, Eimear with the pictiúr to match. 

We hope that these videos will help you understand what our notes should sound like when pronounced properly, so no mistakes will be made in the oral!

Each video file can be found above each individual sraithpictiúr within the topic page here, or else by clicking on the playlist

We recommend you listen to these videos a few times and especially before the exam, not only to help you with pronunciation and vocab, but also so that you can regularly listen to the Irish language to improve your general comprehension and fluency of the language.
Finally, keep in mind that there are a few different dialects of Irish. Eimear's Irish is from Munster, so every word may not be pronounced the same if you're from Connacht, Ulster or Leinster. Don't worry about this, just make sure to double check with your teacher that your prononciation is correct. The main thing is to listen out for the h's and i's in words, as well as the general Irish blas, that will gain you extra marks.

Best of luck in your exam!

From the Studyclix Team