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On the 12th of January ahead of their virtual open evening, we went live with IT Sligo to have a chat about the Leaving Cert and studying remotely.

In January of 2021, students were told schools would be closed for one week. Then they were told they would be closed until the end of the month. Then Leaving Cert students were told they were to come in 3 days a week before it was quickly scrapped. 

So it's safe to say on top of all the normal stress 6th year students feel about the looming exams, the current situation of constant worry and uncertainty is significantly adding to it.

Are we supposed to study? What do we study? Will exams be going ahead? How do I motivate myself to work from home?

So we took to Instagram to chat with 3 different college students to learn about their experiences working remotely and what tips they have for Leaving Cert students in similar positions.


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First up we spoke to Elaine, a 2nd year Forensic Science & Investigation Analysis student in IT Sligo, who spoke about how her course is managed from home and her personal tips for studying with dyslexia.

Next, we spoke to Luke, content creator with Studyclix and 1st year student in UL who was part of the infamous class of 2020. Luke was able to give insight into his own experience of preparing for the Leaving Cert when the future looked so uncertain.

And finally we spoke to Daire, a final year student in Sports & Business in IT Sligo who spoke about his struggles with the CAO before finding his dream course, as well as giving invaluable tips on how to motivate yourself during these times:

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