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Thumbnail of How to get a H1 in Construction Studies
How to get a H1 in Construction Studies
Construction Studies is a very doable written exam for all students, so long as your answers are both practical and visual. Long-winded fancy paragraphs will grant you no marks if they don’t include labelled sketches, a practical approach and factual points! Studying all the information needed for the exam is not the difficult part of getting an H1 in this su...
Thumbnail of Sraith Pictiúr 2020 - Notes, Videos and Audios Now Available
Sraith Pictiúr 2020 - Notes, Videos and Audios Now Available
Each year, we create H1 standard Sraith Pictiúr notes to help you study for the Irish oral exam in mid-April.  The Sraith Pictiúr is all about pronunciation, vocab, accuracy and fluidity. Therefore, we've created audios and videos along with our notes to help you perfect these skills. To make things easy for you, we've put everything in one pl...
Thumbnail of Studyclix Leaving Cert Predictions 2019
Studyclix Leaving Cert Predictions 2019
​​​Every year, in the lead up to the mock and state exams, we get asked for predictions on various subjects for the Leaving Cert exams. To be able to give a proper answer this year, we wanted to do some research first, and put together our findings, so we have created Studyclix Topic Analysis Tables, where we look at the trends in past exam questions an...
Thumbnail of The Best Study Methods
The Best Study Methods
We get asked a lot by students about the best way to study. The simple answer is that there's no one best way. Every student is different and learns best in different ways! Some will learn best using visual aids, like pictures and diagrams, whereas others might be more kinesthetic learners and learn best by doing/acting out something. Therefore, it's impossibl...
Thumbnail of Leaving Cert Timetable 2019
Leaving Cert Timetable 2019
The 2019 Leaving Cert Timetable is now available with this year's exams starting on June 5th. If you're doing your Leaving Certificate exams in 2019 then you can download and print it here.  A Studyclix account will help you get the best marks possible for these exams in June. If you don't already have an account, sign up here! Good luck wi...
Thumbnail of From 6th year to university - Moving away for the first time
From 6th year to university - Moving away for the first time
One of the most exciting things for 6th year students is the opportunity to move out of your home and start living independently - hooray! However, for university first-timers, finding the right student accommodation might be a daunting task. Universities are reporting that their halls of residence are being booked up very quickly by existing students, leaving little rooms...