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    Business JC Anon1099

    How did u guys find it??

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      better than i thought it was and my balance sheet balanced! XD

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      I was so happy when my final accounts balanced! Both papers were really fair I think

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      Yup,I was really proud of my Daybooks Q :) My Final accounts didn't balance but I had time to do an extra question so, hopefully I got more on that...

      Did any of you's do the household budget? Mine balanced, so did my friend's but we got completely different answers...

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      Yeah my household budget balanced. Don't remember what I got though

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      I didn't do the household budget

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      why? It's like the easiest question on paper 1

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      I hate them I can never get them to balance haha I thought Qs 2,4,5&6 were easier:)

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      11ND - CCM

      I did questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 on paper 1 and questions 2, 4, 5 and 6 on paper 2. I didn't think there was anything majorly untoward. All my accounts balanced. Only thing I know I'll lose a few marks for is the advertisement of CMS Ltd. in q.5 paper 2. I just wrote 5 points (probably get me most marks?) but didn't really draw out the ad in a box or anything. Left like 45 minutes early for each paper

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      ^Yeah I did those questions too, plus Q6 as an extra question on paper 1. For Q5 on paper 2, I wasn't familiar with this topic but I think I did quite well, about 25/40, although I think it was my lowest scoring question from both papers. I think I lost a few marks for the advertisement too

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      Q5 on paper 2 was my best, I think. I love making the ads :)

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      @aine15 - Wait a minute... You didn't do Q3 either? Economics? .... Are you insane!? Household budget and economics come up every year... and you didn't do either??????

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      I knew how to do them I just found the other questions way easier:)

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