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    Business paper 2 Scoolhater

    Hey guys, I really need help on this because my teacher is terrible, any suggestions?

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      guaranteed questions:Book of First Entry,Bookkeeping,Final Accounts and maybe People at Work but it can be at paper 1.Just do the questions and try to understand what they ask. Terms are very important so you have to at least understand them. Things like Trading,Profit and Loss accounts, Balance sheet, Trial balance, ledgers, ect. You have to just know what goes where and you HAVE to know the names like Fixed assets in the accounts coz marks are going for it. Hope it helps

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      all teachers are dont worry!!

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      Ino many people won't do this but say to your teacher after class or something I'm struggling with this topic can you please help me in your free time try it because i can guarantee whatever your teacher helps you with that session it becomes super easy and you won't just face the exam you'll ace it too ! all the best

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      yeah i suppose but if i do that the teacher will be like ur nt fit for higher level....i mean he wont get it!!! wish u all the best ;)

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      Thanks so much you guys, I took the paper and actually found it way easier than I was expecting, thank you for the help :)

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      What came up ??

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      Does anyone have the topics for paper 2 besides the ledger account please !!!!

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      What came up on the paper 2 ☺?

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