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    Business studies , whether to take it or not? Precious_k

    Business is a doable subject if your willing to put a bit of work into it, I find business easy (incase your wondering what level I do, it's higher level) that's because I like the mathematical side on it , business is the type of subject that if you feel you're good at maths and History and a bit of English and stuff , you will find this a really easy subject and even if you do not find it easy , it can be one of the subjects you do for leaving cert to rack up some points, I feel it's one of them subjects some people prefer and some people don't , in my school it's mandatory so we don't have a choice but I'm just saying I would have chosen it , if I had a choice or not.

    Anyways that was my little overview on Business studies , thank you if you took the time to read it <3 xoxo

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