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    What to study ellafb

    I got 84% in the mock in higher. I was really close to the A and i got 84% in february. Im just wondering what topics should i really focus on to try and get the A

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      Focus on the questions that come up every year: Economics, Household Budget and Club Accounts for paper 1, and Final Accounts, Business Documents and Book of First Entry.

      It's recommended to answer as many of those as possible, except maybe Book of First Entry. My teacher didn't do it with our class cause she said it was too hard, and I think a lot of ppl avoid that question anyway.

      Also, predictions based on previous years is helpful, but don't depend on them. Consumer and People at Work are likely to come up this year on P1. People at Work almost always comes up, sometimes along with Information Technology.

      For P2, Cash Flow Statement, Report Writing, Delivery Systems, International Relationships etc. are likely to come up

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      *Industrial Relationships

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      i would agree with mysticmania apart from the books of the first entry i would definitely do! theyre not the easiest but if you can remember what to credit and what to debit you'll fly through them.... because so few people do it its often marked slightly easier as well and with all accounting if you get a figure wrong you can only lose marks for it once where as if you get a theory question slightly wrong its marked wrong

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      Focus on the Accounting part. In paper 2 there are 3 accounting question

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      Can I just say, well done! You did so good! :D

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