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Cathal_8908 Junior Cert Business Studies — 05/10/17 6

Hi I'm currently finding accounting confusing. We've just started third year and to wrap up last year we did final accounts and ledger accounts(rushed). We're starting this year with a new teacher (our previous one is now on maternity leave) and we've just started club accounts which I'm also struggling with. Any tips for the whole accounting part of the course as I'm up to scratch with theory would be great. Thanks.

karencorb — 13/09/17
Go on to examinations.ie. Look at past papers and find those questions. Print them off for yourself then print off the mark scheme. Use this as an example for yourself. You should be able to figure out how to do them if you study both of them
Cathal_8908 — 24/09/17
SimpelEgg — 24/09/17
If you find them difficult, skip the ledger question. A lot of schools don't even do it
gavindoyle15 — 28/09/17
On the exam you have a choice about doing the ledgers
Cutiepox — 05/10/17
Well first when you do the accounting remember all the subtitles also put in the title cause you lose marks. Also memories what goes under what subtle dont know if this helped and if u want to go in to more detail ask me
— 05/10/17
nice one shteve
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