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Accounts to know ??
tessabock Junior Cert Business Studies — 07/06/16 7

What accounts do i need to know for Business HL?

mvalentine — 05/06/16
Trading profit loss appropriation and balance sheet. General ledger. Debitor / Creditor control account. (it's on the short questions) T account Budget Club account
Conor Smith — 06/06/16
kerm2109 — 06/06/16
My business teacher told us that there are a few definite long questions: PAPER1: Household budget Club Accounts Economic framework PAPER2: Business documents Final accounts Ledger accounts Hope this is helpful and good luck!!!
tessabock — 07/06/16
Thankyou so much :)))
Sophie_G — 07/06/16
i know this isnt account but my teacher told me there is a good chance of economics coming up this year
emmawarhurst — 07/06/16
Household budgets, club accounts, economics, double entry, final accounts and business documents come up EVERY YEAR!!!!!
Bloniez — 07/06/16
A delivery question hasn't come up in a while, it might come up in paper 2
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