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    all ledger accounts for business HELP plz aoife098

    I need help with business ledger accounts if anyone knows a website or can help with notes etc i would really appreciate it

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      I have a ledger format if you want I can send it to you

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      Seamus O Dwyer

      HI Iwould be very grateful if you could send me the ledger format

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      me too @nms2001 theyre too hard

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      Thanks but i know how to draw them out its just i get confused with the sides cr and dr and general journal etc if you have a format to that it would be great thanks

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      Seamus O Dwyer

      Hi this is how I remember the Dr (left) from the Cr (right) - Scenario-

      You are a business that sells something.

      you make a sale

      Think of what you do, You put out your right hand to receive the money / cheque, The sale is a Cr

      you are a business , you need to buy something for the business which is an expense,

      You put your left hand into your back pocket where you keep your money / cheque

      this is a Dr

      Dr on the left

      Cr on the right

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      thanks it actually works :)

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