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Are 2nd year christmas tests hard
Jb2Brennan Junior Cert Business Studies — 29/01/17 15

Are 2nd year christmas tests hard.

SryanBruen — 27/11/16
Why ask that question when every school has different Christmas / Summer exams? Anyway, no, mine weren't hard at all when I did them.
Modde — 27/11/16
If you aren't prepared for the exams, then they will definitely be a struggle for you. Try revising all the chapters you did since first year.
Tarafitzz — 27/11/16
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Tarafitzz — 27/11/16
SryanBruen — 27/11/16
naxmax9 — 27/11/16
kind of.
tiredofschool — 27/11/16
Anything is hard if you don't study. Don't worry, you'll do fine :)
student7888 — 29/11/16
theyre doss ha just finished mine today
flashgut — 29/11/16
They're easy if ur smart
dxbxy2x18 — 01/12/16
horsecrazy — 01/12/16
if you study it is easy but very often my teachers over exaggerate the hardness of the tests. tomorrow is my last day of Christmas tests and I had history and science both of them easier than I thought it would be
kirstie — 01/12/16
easy but wait until u get 2 3rd year
horsecrazy — 01/12/16
as well some teachers will give you some from 1st and 2nd year others will do just with what you've learnt from 2nd year. A good tip keep revising
tutoliscious — 06/12/16
ask ur teachers what what chapters will be on ur christmas exams ask if it is all the chaptersfrom the start of second year or from first to second year
CillianN — 29/01/17
No test is hard if you study.
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