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Business Paper Predictions
Adamoc0806 Junior Cert Business Studies — 03/06/16 4

our teacher told us these predictions just wondering if and one can fill in the gaps Paper 1 1. Household Budget (revised or estimated) 2. Club Account (income and expenditure account and balance sheet) 3. National Budget 4. People At Work 5. ? 6.? Paper 2 1. Trading Profit and loss 2. General Ledger 3. Assessing a business ratios 4. Industrial Relations 5. ? 6. ? thanks in advance

cormac365 — 31/05/16
Just from looking through what comes up most often and what hasn't come up in a while: P1 The Consumer Banking Methods of payment and Banking documents People At Work The National Budget P2 Assessing the Final Accounts and Ratios Marketing Delivery Systems Forms of Business Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast
Adamoc0806 — 31/05/16
cheers cormac
gillianh16 — 03/06/16
i thought club accounts always came up?
jennyryan321 — 03/06/16
yeah same
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