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    Course completion nms2001

    Could anyone tell me how much their class have done in Business so far e.g what chapters? Because I feel my class may be behind and I'm not sure if we will complete the course or not

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      my teacher finished my business course with me today now we are just on exam papers

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      All the theory chapters done and only 2 accounts (day books; ledger accounts; trial balances (short questions) & club accounts) to do then all we have to do is revision

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      we have done like 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 things like... im so gonna fail.

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      Youre only gonna get what you done

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      Well on Paper 1 and 2, there are 3 questions each that come up every year so as long as you have at least all of them done, you should be ok.

      On Paper 1, Household Budget, Club Accounts and Economics come up every year and Insurance/Consumer come up every other year so if you're prepared for them, you'll be fine

      On Paper 2, Ledger Accounts, Business Documents and Final Accounts come up every year so prepare for them. The rest of the topics that come up on Paper 2 are quite hard to predict

      For the Short Questions, you do need to have the whole course completed to do well

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