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Examcraft paper 1 2016
jade1999_x Junior Cert Business Studies — 06/06/16 6

Does anyone know what the other two options for questions were on the paper (other than Budget, Club a/c, Economic framework and People at Work) ? any help would be appreciated :)

SryanBruen — 05/06/16
If I remember correctly (sorry my teacher took my exam back after he showed us it... how mean), there was: - A question on the Consumer - A question on Banking
heyooo — 05/06/16
Sorry to interrupt, but is that going to be on our junior cert business this year? Or are you talking about the mocks?
SryanBruen — 05/06/16
Heyoo this is what was on the mocks (EXAMCRAFT)
jade1999_x — 05/06/16
Yeah that's different to mine to my mock so that's helpful, thank you!
Benmartin — 05/06/16
I dont do business so..........Bye!
heyooo — 06/06/16
Okay thank you!
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