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Final accounts and balance sheets- HELP
Galbraith Junior Cert Business Studies — 13/11/16 4

CReditors make you CRy Debtors make you Delighted In trade a/c the only thing you ADD, is to get the COST OF GOODS AVAILABLE FOR SALE Total net assets and capital employed should be the same Carriage INwards in t account carriage OUTwards in less expenses Take time to sort out what goes where eg, L E- less expenses +due - prepaid

Galbraith — 04/11/16
Anymore help, plz add :)
izzr — 07/11/16
Before you start the question decide what part of the account the fig. goes in like Opening stock goes in Trading so write a t beside Opening Stock.Hope this helps
Jp1m — 13/11/16
tick off what you have entered as you go along so that if it doesnt balance you can go back and check easily
Avril_7038 — 13/11/16
Download all the past papers and marking schemes from examinations.ie and if your able to, print them. That's what I did when I was in 3rd year. Also get Less Stress More Success Business as it's really good at explaining the balance sheets and various accounts. I know it's a pain but it's worth it in the end.
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