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I just want to know what happens when you change schools. what does your principle tell your new school about you. i have a discipline slip and am very scared that if my new school finds out they will not accept me. btw I am leaving my old school because its a really bad school.

daisy23 — 06/08/17
Hi, Unless your disciples slip was for something very serious I don't think they'll find out. I'm not too sure on how it works but I don't think your old principal will talk to your new school either. Your new school might ask to see your school reports but not much else. To be honest, I think that you'll be fine as it's highly unlikely something like that will happen if you've already gotten a place. Think of this as turning over a new leaf and try to do well in your new school. Best of luck��
daisy23 — 06/08/17
*discipline slip
luckymolly101 — 07/08/17
Thanks I didn't really explain what it was before a discipline slip is something you get for bad behavior like in my case I threw an apple at one of my friends because she threw it at me�� it missed her and fell down the stairs but of course rright behind me was my science teacher who made me clean the whole stairs for my lunch time and the next day she decided she couldn't forget what I did so she had to give me a slip. b**** P.S if you get 3 or more slips you get a letter home and there sent somewhere thats all the teachers told me. I spoke with my principle about this and he wouldn't tell me where he sends them. The worst part was I couldn't bring myself to tell my parents so I am worried they will find out. I mean I have gotten through a whole year so fingers crossed.
SryanBruen — 12/08/17
Any incidents you have had in school is all wrote down in documents, reports or in your words "discipline slips". Your new school will know about everything you have done as these reports will be passed onto it. This is what I've been told.
daisy23 — 12/08/17
Yes you're right SryanBruen, but its still unlikely she won't be accepted in the school because of it as the incident wasn't too serious. Anyway to luckymolly101 be careful from now on and try not to get any more discipline slips! And if your parents find out about it all you can do is apologise to them for not telling them before. Good luck in your new school.
luckymolly101 — 12/08/17
thanks so much
luckymolly101 — 13/08/17
will my new school ask questions about it or will they just say nothing. I am moving from a public school into a private school. I was thinking of going to Yeats College in all the way down in Galway but I have heard their very strict.
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