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    How was business for you? Yasmine146

    I thought it was great!Paper 1 was simple.All the questions I wanted to come up came up!Lol,when I saw cash flow forecast,I was so happy!I nearly started crying tears of joy!An easy 40 marker :D

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      It was perfect actually. I got a C in my pre's, but my cash flow forecast, balance sheet and trial balanced all balanced, question 2 was easy marks. Paper 1 was just a good, REALLY hoping I get an A!

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      me too cashflow and trial balance balanced but i found p1 v hard

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      I got a B in the mocks so was hoping for an A .It was my dream test!I did good in all of the long questions in paper 1 like I'd say I mostly got 35-40 marks:] and I didn't get 2 of the short questions,but in paper 2 I did good in 3 of the questions(business doc's,trading p&l + bal sheet and the cash flow forecast , didn't do the ledgers.I did okay in the other 2(I did 5 q's)Overall,it went great!One of the better tests anyway.Now I have to focus on history:]I'm hoping it'll be easy!

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      Paper 1 was simple but i wasn't doing any of the accounts so paper 2 was kinda hard like i knew bits of some of the questions and i attempted everything but i definately didn't do as good in paper 2

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      Easy as A, B,C however I preferred the mock paper in which I got 84%!!!! yes I know i was one percent off, to say i was devasteted is an understatement. however this paper was also good, i wish i revised insurance more but ho-hey. im expecting a B or low A :)

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      Aimee Flanagan

      I got 90% in my mocks I really liked this paper today everything balanced couldn't ask for a nicer one tbh, hoping I still got an A though, but I answered all 12 questions so hopefully I did :)

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      I GOT THE EXACT SAME 84% LOL C: It's so annoying when that happens...

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      Aimee how did u have time to answer all the questions??

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      Aimee Flanagan

      I just knew my work inside out tbh, did all my confident questions first and then did the other ones afterwards. And I'm a really fast writer.

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      Wow thats soo good well done i just did the 4 and had a few minutes left over but my balances balanced so im really happy

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      For question 4 in history,I have learned the 6 essays from 2013 will i be gauranteed 2 essays coz they go in a pattern every 2 years ?

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      i was pretty happy with it but I preferred Paper 1 to Paper 2....always have and always will :) it was good overall....

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      anyone have any good notes links for history people in history qs???

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      St Kevins College have really good notes for history in general

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