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    Important Chapters Study2000

    What are the most important chapters and things that are likely to come up to study for the JC HL BUSINESS?

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      make sure your good with all the different types of accounts. also look back over exam papers and see what comes up all the time or something that hasn't came up in a while which might come up now. really you need to know most chapters but business is like common sense just but the event into everyday life eg. if you worked in an office/factory your rights would be good working conditions and the correct pay. think about your parents or older brothers and sister's jobs and see what they are entitled to. hope this helps

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      Balance of trade and payments almost always comes up, so does consumer laws & APR

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      P1 Over last 15 years:

      The Consumer came up 10 times

      The National Budget came up 10 times

      People at Work 12

      Methods of Payment, Banking Documents 8

      Foreign Trade and Exchange 7.

      methods of payment hasnt come up in last 3

      Paper 2:

      Selling on credit and Bad Debts 10

      Marketing 8

      Assessing Accounts 6

      Forms of business 6

      Employers 6

      Delivery Systems and calculate cost of transport 6

      Also, just become familiar with the guaranteed questions (P1: Household Budget, Petty Cash/Club Accounts, Economics and inflation. P2: Final Accounts, Books of First Entry and Ledgers, Business Documents). In Business Docs question be familiar with how to process incoming and outgoing documents, what they are used for, who sends what document to who (buyer or seller?) and reasons why they are sent.

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      If familiar with the guaranteed Qs, you only then have to choose 1 more Long Q out of 3!

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