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Paper 1 and paper 2 predictions someone pleasee

Does anyone have an idea of what topics will come up

Feery — 10/06/16
Budgets and Club Account is definite for paper 1, Business Documents and final accounts for paper 2 :) (also the first question on paper 2 comes up every year)
Feery — 10/06/16
Those 4 questions are already 40% ^
SryanBruen — 10/06/16
P1: Revised household budget, Club accounts {Balance Sheet & Income and Expenditure Account}, National Budget, The Household Consumer, People At Work P2: Ledger accounts, Business documents, Analysed Cash Book, Final accounts, Marketing and Delivery Systems, Insurance
sorecauvanesa — 11/06/16
Thank youu
heyooo — 11/06/16
sryanbruen how are you so sure??? Are you 100% sure those are the topics because there's way too much in business to study all the course.
SryanBruen — 11/06/16
Long questions are much more predictable than short questions in Business.....
xroisinx — 12/06/16
Do you know what type of questions will come up in them topics
SryanBruen — 12/06/16
Roisin, I already gave the type of questions in them that will come up!!! Like a revised household budget or Club accounts with Balance Sheet etc. I can't predict any other...
xroisinx — 12/06/16
Okay thanks and do you have any predictions for history or music?
SryanBruen — 12/06/16
Well I'm guessing that you HL History - but I do OL History, so I can't predict that for you. Music: - Set songs: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, Click Go the Shears, Amhrán na Cuiginne (though this question is quite unpredictable) - Set works: Brandenburg Concerto No.5 in D Major (probably Movement 2: Affetuoso but Movement 1: Allegro has a chance also) - Choice songs and works: Popular, negro spiritual and blues songs There's nothing else you could really predict for Music
xroisinx — 12/06/16
Thanks so much
heyooo — 16/06/16
Oh and by the way, your business predictions were on point Bryan, thanks.
SryanBruen — 16/06/16
Who's Bryan?
Ian_2948 — 14/04/17
Just saw this @SryanBruen and I was wondering for 2017 what's your predictions in the following , Music , Geography and Business ? Thanks
Obey_sophiex — 15/04/17
Is this all for the exam in June please
sorecauvanesa — 16/04/17
No these were last years predictions
Obey_sophiex — 16/04/17
Thank you
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