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Predictions paper 2
jade1999_x Junior Cert Business Studies — 23/05/16 9

Hi, Does anyone have any predictions for paper 2 in June? And also what are the most important chapters to study for both papers? (other then People at Work, Budget, Club a/c, economic framework, trading, consumer, profit & loss and business documents) Thanks :)

JackW — 09/05/16
Ledger accounts
MRCOUGHLAN — 09/05/16
Delivery Systems Marketing Business Banking
fionnanros — 10/05/16
do u like penacolada or getting caught in the rain
Melanie_8122 — 15/05/16
Final Accounts
Alva Collins — 17/05/16
eoghanf — 19/05/16
study everything in business m8
eoghanf — 19/05/16
only job
mazink0204 — 23/05/16
what do you think of a cash flow coming up
aoneillsac — 23/05/16
Cash flow forecast definitely won't come up as it can up last year and never comes up two years in a row
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