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    Rewards for best results in HL SryanBruen

    Do you all know that whoever gets I think the top 5 results on Business studies HL gets cash prizes!

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      In what school mate

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      All schools!? It's whoever does the HL SEC Business studies exam for JC

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      You get a cash prize from the state?

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      Ayyyyy big boi

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      how much lad?

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      Around 200 euro

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      That's absolutely not true at all?

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      I was told by my Business teacher himself

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      It may be your school but I know a person that got all a's in the Junior Cert and even in business and he got nothing!

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      its prob. bcos he wasn't considered its like top highest 5but it I true we have it in our classroom to motivate us

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      what do ya mean "he wasn't considered". please speak english!

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      Does this apply to every subject?

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      Not that I know of

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      no it doesn't apply and I mean dat there was probably a limited no. of prizes and u know he might have got 86 while someone else who got 94 got it instead or he might have been doing OL just saying....

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      no way

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      Yes which is why I said TOP 5 RESULTS. (I forgot to post this.... LOL)

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      How is this possible because I'm sure that out of 40,000 students doing higher level business more than 5 will get 100% so how is this measured?

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      Ino I feel the same that my teacher was taking the piss

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      Well I heard that the people who get an A get to go to NUIG or something and get a cert and meet Michael D Higgins or something.. Not sure if it's true though either

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      I just found this

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      Just wondering, did you find out whether that was true or not? I'm sitting my business exam in three weeks, and would love to know if there was a possibility (even though, quite small) that I could get €200?

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      Sorry on the delay of the reply K_684 BUT

      By the way, can you answer this for me please as well: Do you want me to stay on Studyclix and continue helping students? Or do you think I should quit? I'm asking this due to an outbreak with some haters on this. Thank you.

      Now to answer your question, yes it is true. You do get an award but it is not money. It is exactly what Orlamariaflanagan said above about getting to go to NUIG and get a cert.

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      Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up :)

      And you should NOT QUIT!!!!! You give notes on literally everything, and they are really good as well!!!! There are haters for everything, so don't give into them! I know that a pile of students would be totally lost without you! So keep going, we all appreciate your work! And thanks for everything, from all of your StudyClix friends!

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      Would you be able to do notes on day book entries?

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      Share files from your computer