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Any tips lads...

I know its fairly common sense but is there anything i should know as it feels kinda pointless going into an exam with no work done.

SryanBruen — 12/06/16
Know who Ban Ki-Moon, Michael D. Higginson etc are LOL. I can't think of anything else. Plus bro CSPE is pointless.....
mathswhiz101 — 12/06/16
ya but twud be desperate to think that you u got a B in cspe
SryanBruen — 12/06/16
Oh it would be... I haven't gotten a B yet though in it and I NEVER WILL. I've always gotten an A in CSPE including 89% on my mock.
SryanBruen — 12/06/16
and that is without ANY STUDY.
Ni Leighin — 12/06/16
General Election and EU (Brexit) are topical.....
adamob544 — 12/06/16
My teacher gave us a quick revision sheet, id say just have a quick read before the exam and itd be grand you can hardly study for cspe tbh :) https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=696CA2076AD42BD0!13024&authkey=!AD08w4FViSWHqjA&ithint=file%2cpdf
aisling31 — 12/06/16
the results of general election or anything will not be asked as the exam was set in November and the election was only recently
mathswhiz101 — 12/06/16
Thanks everyone
Ni Leighin — 12/06/16
Not results, like how often or what it is etc as they were debating when it would be called around the time the paper was set
Feery — 12/06/16
My teacher never covered CSPE, but I still got 94% in the mock... only way to really prepare is practice exam questions? Try take an opinionated English style answer approach and you should be fine :) (its only 40%)
EH458 — 12/06/16
Honestly just know basic knowledge of politics and society, current affairs etc, there's nothing to it, Prior to the mocks I had never done a CSPE test nor had I seen one, I didn't study a bit for it and I got 96, everyone in my class got over 90 and no one studied so �� Also the action project is worth 60% so you've effectively passed before you've even taken the exam lol
xXsTuDyCliXmAsTeRxXz — 12/06/16
It's a piss subject, went into mock w/ no study at all, got 92%. If you're that worried about it, write a good bit for the long questions.
mazink0204 — 12/06/16
Do you want a medal for get 89% on a piss easy subject SyranBruen? Good man yourself. Such a big accomplishment
DarParty — 13/06/16
laaaaaurennn — 13/06/16
BAHAHAHAHHA I got 96% with no study done. I think I deserve a medal for beating SyranBruen
SryanBruen — 13/06/16
Yeah u do. I'm just bad at the very last questions on Section 2 - coming up with ideas, reasons etc.
mazink0204 — 13/06/16
Jealous even though I got higher than him? Just saying he's acting like he wants a pat on the back for doing well in cspe
SryanBruen — 13/06/16
No I don't.... stop taking the piss out of me. Please, you're really annoying me. You're not being funny at all.
mazink0204 — 13/06/16
Don't worry I'll get you a medal bro. "Sryan Bruen - for the amazing achievement of an A in cspe"
cooldude7878 — 13/06/16
Ye're all a bunch of nonces leave eachother alone ye fools
DarParty — 13/06/16
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