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    Help On CSPE Sam_9599

    any tips on how to get grades in the last part of the paper

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      Eamon T

      watch the news

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      John smith234

      CSPE is the most worthless subject ever dont even worry, i would focus on your other subjects and make sure they are good.

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      U don't need help in CSPE ...... #completewasteoftime

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      Yeah chap I'm going into that exam stoned man do the same bro

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      abbimurray28 is a good website for. C.s.p.e

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      I done My Junior Cert In 2014 and pulled out a C Grade in the mocks I did better by getting a B but watching the news and reading newpapers should help you or even read up about Politics thats what helped me in achieving my grade

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      Revise the key terms of govt. and the eu. I also revised the units of the garda for my mocks. This got me an A in the mocks.

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      It is a waste of a subject though and easy enough to do well in

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      I did absolutely nothing and still got an A in the mocks. Watching the news helps but honestly you'll be grand.

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      I did the JC last year and I absolutely flew it. Walked out with an A. Before you walk in, you already have it passed. If your only looking for a pass, your fine but if you're looking for a A/B/C.. a tiny bit of study is required of you. Look over the Ministers of the current dáil, there is only 15 of them, know they're names and their faces so that you will recognise them when they give you the picture in Q1. Look for the terms associated with the dáil like coalition, etc. Learning some of the EU terms may help also. Section 2, no study is required at all. Section 3 is mainly thinking back of your own action project and applying it to another situation. That's it, best of luck

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      section one is the only part you can really study for... look over past questions, know basic irish charities, political facts/names/buildings. know ministers as they are more difficult to recognize.

      i have a feeling migration will appear, along with 1916 rising in some form. look at news from november last year (like key things) as they are liable to come up

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      I got 95%...didn't do shit

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      i got 86% by doing next to nothing, and just remember you have 60% completed before you even enter the exam! cspe isn't a leaving cert subject, so doesn't matter as much as, say, english or french would

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      bahahha It got made a leaving cert subject look at the bulk of the learning curriculam for Politics and Society

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      I say learn the TDs from the last dail as paper was printed before the election also learn a bit of EU but u will b grand

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      As the current government was updated I'm going to learn key buildings instead

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      Just practice exam questions, treat it like English expressing your opinion and you should be fine :)

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