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    Help please VampireBlue1234

    Hey guys, I made a mistake in one of my sections and was wondering is it a bad idea to use tippex? Its only for like 2 lines . What do ye think?

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      Go for it.

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      DONT USE TIPPEX I REPEAT DO N0T USE TIPPEX use a red biro and cross it out otherwise you will lose marks as examiners like to see mistakes sometimes so it is not copied

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      crap i used tipex , but only for spelling mistakes

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      @Conor11 I have used tippex for like letters but for the two sentences I think I'll just add the two lines in to the end! What do u think? Is it okay that I used tippex for like a few letters?

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      Do Not Use Tippex

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      Hi VampireBlue1234! It is suggested that tippex must not be used in any exam. Drawing a small line through your small mistake saves potentially precious time that could have been wasted on waiting for tippex to dry. Also, superintendents would not like to see tippex being used in an exam as it can pose a health risk. Besides, you don't lose marks if the examiner sees a lot of words that are scribbled out. What matters is the words you make available for examination.

      In the maths exam, the examiner rewards partial credit for the effort you have put in a question. If you're torn between two answers that you believe one of them has to be right, right in both answers and their workings, making sure you get lots of marks. Using tippex could potentially lose you marks!

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      @ Dazzla I was aware of that but I was referring to the write up for the action project as I did not want it to look messy. Do you think it would be appropriate to use it in that particular contex?

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      Hi VampireBlue1234,

      My teacher suggested me that when i write out the experiment on the actual sheet, i do it with pencil other wise an erasable pen. I haven't yet started but i will as soon as she gives me my final draft back.

      Also, my teacher is not letting us take the actual sheet home with us, is your teacher letting you.

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      If you have started with pen than just cross it out, do not put a scribble on it, just put a line through it. Examiners also look for mistakes in your exams that you had made and then realized when you were doing an exam or writing out an experiment. They want to also read the mistake that you have made. Keep in mind that examiners don't like to read through stuff with lots and lots of scribbles or lots and lots of tippex. Sometimes because of that mistake you made and have corrected it yourself in an appropriate way, the examiner could give you 2 or 3 extra marks... who knows.

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      @VampireBlue1234 I suppose it would not be too bad. I do wonder though if your class did a practise write-up on the action project, before doing the real thing. By doing a practise write-up, your teacher can pick out the mistakes you made, so that you can polish it when you are writing on the official action project booklet. If you have done that already, and you just made a genuine mistake on your write-up, I guess there is no harm done in using tippex. Just make sure you don't cross out important information you have written.

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      do it its fine

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      Its not bad to use Tippex... just don't make it very obvious you will actually lose marks for presentation if you cross it all out in red biro!! its fine go for it... whats the worst that can happen?

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