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    how do u study for cspe? mocks...:( Aineoc1


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      Look at past exam papers. Then you will be fine

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      There is not so much to learn I think. But for important lists make like a sentence using to first letter of each word/sentence- it can be very crazy! Using mind maps helps hugely and when doing them use as much colour and creativity as you can!

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      You don't its dead easy

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      The only things u should look over would be Q.1 the pictures + Q.2 finish the sentences. After that it is pretty much guess work!

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      11ND - CCM

      Didn't study for 5 minutes and I got 100% in my mock haha

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      my teacher wont let me drop to pass what will I do!! can I take a pass paper on the day with a letter with my parents permission??????


      stress out!!!!

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      ^There isn't a pass lvl for CSPE. It's just Common level, everyone does the same paper.

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      look at past exam papers and watch the news xx :* thats what im doing oh and know the concepts of cspe

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      Was this is a serious question?

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      Don't stress about CSPE of all things......think about the other 10--now 8, subjects instead....

      Make sure you know diff actions that could be taken by ur class, community, government etc..

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