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    Ideas for my cspe action project evelyndajlani

    im starting my cspe action project but i have no idea what to do, our teacher wants us to think of ideas and i really want to get full marks. Does anyone have an idea of what i can do ?

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      Daniel Fennessy

      You could do it on a Mock Referendum about Water Charges which I did, Have a group that sets up The voting booths in a library or hall, Principal group which goes to the principal asking permission to do the Mock referendum, Poster group (explanatory) and Office group which gets the names of all Students and staff for Mock referendum, 2. Try doing Mock Election about Irish General Election 2016

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      This might be stupid but maybe something on the refugee like collecting old clothes or sleeping bags e.t.c.

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      Look at direct provision! most people don't know what it is but it's the system the irish government puts refugees looking to seek asylum in Ireland into and it is extremely inhumane and unacceptable. It needs awareness raised about it!! You could look specifically at children living in direct provision

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      we did ours as a group project on the dail nd got a guest speaker to talk to our class about his duties as a politician

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      That sounds great :))) @danielfennessy @ holly_146

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      I love your ideas thank you :)) @dosully @emma17

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