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    Predictions for cspe Marzipan15

    Any predictions for filling in the word Q2 section1?

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      They are pretty random and there is no obvious questions they are going to ask, so the best thing to do is to watch the news for about 10mins the day and to read a bit from the newspaper to get information that might be relevant, like last year came up water charges because it was popular throughout Ireland

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      I did my Junior Cert last year and I got an A in CSPE , in all honesty the only things you need to be good at is , recognizing houses and people. The rest is opinions and what you hear on the news. Like just search RTE up everyday for at least 5 minutes and see what topics come up often. Things that go on and are major will most likely appear. Remember examinations are made between November-January. Good luck!

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      Refugees probably

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      I got an A in CSPE. It is quite easy. If you do well in your Action Project, you'll be grand as that's worth 60%. Focus on that more than the exam because a lot of the exam is common sense.

      In the exam, Section A is the only section that actually requires factual information but a lot of it is common sense and it's only worth 18 (9% of total result) marks so you shouldn't worry too much but if you are, make sure to know the names of political people (e.g president, ministers etc).

      Section B is easy as half of the answers are found on the source paper given with the exam. The other half of the marks come from questions which require your own answer

      Section C is basically more of your own answers

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