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    Started cspe project today being sent off tommorow needhelp101

    So my teacher is a dope, We started our cspe project today ( the draft) and we have to bring it in finished by tommorow. I'm so lost, i've never had a cspe book. We used them for the first two weeks of first year never been mentioned since then. I'm so lost

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      Alex F

      What is your action project about.

      Try and finish the draft today but if everyone in your class is not done, then your parents to make a complaint if the teacher only started a day before it's due

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      We visited a jail. I said I was in the communication committee, and that I wrote a formal letter to the governor general. Our own teacher never explained anything about writing it. Most of my class are only on the second draft page. All I need to do is the reflections and summary of information learned. I was also unsure of how to 'describe' my communication skills?

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      Alex F

      Basically in this section you need to almost extend more on your writing like

      After deciding our groups I was placed in the Communication Committee, one day our class went to The I.T room in our school, and I used the computers to find the formal address for the the Governer General, I then asked my principal for our school's official stationary and I wrote a formal letter to him explaining our Action Project. After receiving a response I verbally said to the class the response.

      The Summary of Information is5 things you learned that day, mention how Law works in Ireland and some facts of the jail.

      For the Reflection use the following template

      Feelings about choosing the project

      Feelings about your committee

      Happiness you got to work with people you never knew before( make it up if you have to)

      Something you were nervous about

      Experience of the day

      Why you think Ireland has a jail system like ours ( I.e no death penalty)

      Final thoughts after making the booklet

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      Thank you sooo much this will help me loads. And I was just wondering is the paragraph you wrote at the top for communication skills. What could I write for the final thoughts after making the booklet ?

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      Alex F

      Yes it is, you can use it as skills you have learned.

      As for the final thoughts just talk along the lines of

      Since I have done this project I realised that I am proud of my school and my country. I found the jail visit very insightful and we stay with me after this, I think all young people should have get to see our Criminal System in action as many young people are unaware of this. I am proud that I toke action to explore our unique justice system as I now feel like I'm more knowledgeable about our historic country

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      Okay i see that you so much, you've helped me so much :) I finished it!

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      Alex F

      Your welcome. Did you finish the draft or the real book

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      Alex F

      I can send a copy of the marking scheme the examiners use when correcting the booklet. Ou r teacher gave you this and it is literally tells you what exactly gets you for each mark. Even for the title it gives you guidelines on full marks

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      Alex F

      me this*

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      i'm finished everything on the real thing now except i'm just starting to write the summary of information learned info thing

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      Alex F

      Would you like a copy of the marking scheme the examiners use when correcting the booklet

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      Okay if you have it that'd be great :)

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      Wtf did your teacher do all year? The Action project is 60% of the result. How could you only spend 1 day doing it?

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      Yes our cspe teacher is awful. He can't control the class, and his teaching is just a mess. I feel bad for the people who have him for history english german, I hear he's just as bad and only on the first year course

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