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    Easiest Seamus Heeney Poems to learn? Caddum

    Im studying The early Purges, Midterm Break, and Requim of the croppies which would be best to study at? (easiest to explain?)

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      THEM ALL theres a reason you must learn them! they all have diffrent topics one might be nature while the other is love i have'nt studied them so i dont know but if your teacher gave them to you theres a reason

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      cheers there mate :P

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      11 a's

      mid term break is the easiest to learn

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      Mid term break

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      Mid term break, but in the exam u can be asked about a poets work so u need 2 and therefor the early purges is the next easiest

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      Well I've only studied 1 of those poems so far, Midterm Break. But that's easy to learn. And you don't have to learn the whole poem really. Just some quotes, to use in your answer. But remember to learn all the themes, and the poetic terminology that you need to use in your answers.

      And like rachelle said above, you may need to know about the poet's work in general so study all poems a little, and find out a bit about Heaney's personal life, including his childhood.

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      mid-term break is the easiest seamus heaney poem:)

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      mid- term break and they always ask u for another one and purges is pretty hard so i learned another that the class were not doing at the time called digging as it doesn't matter who as long as the are written by Heaney as he will diffidently come up this year.

      Btw im just done premocks and Heaney came up and the clalss didn't they did purges like u but i wrote what i learned off digging and i got full marks as long as u learn quotes and quaintly. Remember that while you need quality you also need quanity. good luck with your exams XD:)

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