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    English: Romeo and Juliet?! Meganx

    J.C english is on tomorow! :'( and i have so much to learn! Has anybody been told which drama questions will come up most likely? Like themes or characters! Thanks.

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      Idk, but themes, characters, settings, certain scenes ect. usually come up. Just learn about the main characters, the main theme(s), the setting, the main scenes e.g balcony scene, scene where Romeo kills Tybalt, scene where Romeo & Juliet die ect.

      Also, I like having the last quote of the play at the end of my answers "For never was a story of more woe, Than this of Juliet and her Romeo"

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      Ok thank you! :)

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      This person who needs help!!

      if you were O.L if you did that question it was rong they didnt have a freindship it was a relationship so you got 0marks

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      What u talkin bout. What question?

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