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    How to study for english!! Lukee98

    Can anyone give me tips on what i should study/have prepared for the english exam?? I really don't have a clue what to study!

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      For paper one practise comprehensions and PQE, how to write a letter and a story and also the media studies.

      Paper two go your studied novel, poems and play. Practise all the themes and learn quotes.

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      For paper 1, Personal Writing is most important. Make sure to be familiar with debates, short stories or essays cause at least 1 of each is guaranteed to come up each year. Diary entries also come up sometimes but not every year. There's always ONE debate every year. There's usually quite a lot of short stories and essays to choose from

      For paper 2, again go over your studied stuff. Characters, scenes and themes are the most important as questions based on them come up very often. Do your studied questions first, then do your unseen questions

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      Thanks so much!

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