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    JC English, Here's what you thought of it... studyclix

    It was a tale of two papers with most of you loving paper one. It was a different story for paper two though with lack of time and unusual questions coming up a lot. Check out the feedback we got today from students we surveyed.


    I thought it was very manageable! Felt confident after it

    I spent too much time on the reading comprehension I thought the choice of questions were good

    Paper One was a good way to ease me into the exam style. It was much better than what I expected.

    I enjoyed the Reading and was able to comprehend the comprehension.

    I came up with a lot of different points for my debate speech in Personal Writing

    I was comfortable with the speech in Functional Writing

    I was most familiar with the Radio question in Media Studies. I compared the two scripts, I compared the Radio and Television medias and I think I wrote a good Radio script.

    I thought that the reading section was very difficult but I thought that the rest went well

    Interesting questions, some were hard to comprehend

    Easy apart from the reading section at the start

    The personal writing questions were mostly based on the reading comprehension

    Over all ok, comprehension was slightly harder then I was expecting

    It was easy

    I thought paper one was a breath of fresh air! The reading was good (a bit tedious) Essay titles were absolutely perfect, functional writing was easy and the media question was spot on!

    Paper one was very good!

    Didn’t have enough time for comprehensions but overall very good. I liked the review

    The essay titles were quite strange but once I had picked one it was easy enough. The reading comprehension and the formal writing section were also easy


    It was awful. The unseen poetry and fiction were very difficult and the questions were unfair. Struggled on time

    I thought it was atrocious. The questions were like nothing I had prepared. I got an A in the mocks and I don't know how I'm going to get on now because the questions were terrible. I was so disappointed coming out of the exam, I revised quite a lot as English is my favourite subject, but I feel that the questions will hold back my grade as they asked some very unusual questions that had not been asked before on us which were unfair.

    I don't think the choice of questions were as good, I did not like the unseen poem

    "I liked the studied drama/poetry/fiction questions and was able to reference my studied play, poem and novel.

    I chose and liked the Other Drama for the Unseen Drama. It was better than the usual Unseen Dramas

    I had difficulty with the last question on Unseen Poetry.

    I have mixed feelings about the Unseen Fiction

    I thought that the unseen stuff was extremely hard and the studied for the most part went ok

    You were confined in what you could write about for the seen essay titles. Some questions very specific and therefore you were limited as to what you could. Unseen poetry difficult. Questions repetitive.

    Unseen work was hard studied was fair

    The studied questions were more complex than simple character questions or theme questions.

    Poem was quite hard, but nice paper overall

    It was a struggle

    "Not enough time

    Very difficult - unseen fiction and unseen poetry"


    Very hard, the questions in the poetry section made no sense- his writing was not imaginative and this was not an optimistic nor a pessimistic poem. fiction was good as was the drama but timing was a big issue, I did not get any section completely finished and many of my answers were rushed

    "The Poem was quite difficult but got through it, not an overall too difficult paper

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      Poetry was the most ridiculous thing on paper I'm not even exaggerating'! And fiction

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      Studied fiction question was my worst part of the paper but then again I gave a good stab. That question was very different from previous papers. Happy with paper one. Every year everyone is going to be stuck for time in paper 2

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      That poem didn't even make sense, i dont understand why they put useless poems on it!!

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      Yeah the poems always suck ass

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      i agree i hated paper two it was such a bad paper :(

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      study person

      Didnt think it was that bad like the shakesperean play, wasnt the poem just imagination and its power???

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      I was a bit stuck about the Studied Novel Q, But I got everything done in time, thankfully.

      Does anyone remember what they wrote for Q2 of the studied Novel bit? I know its over an all, but I don't think I'm gonna stop thinking about this until Sept 10th

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      poetry was very random all together? the shakespearean drama was nice though :)

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