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    JC English paper 2 jennybean

    hey I have my mocks in 4 days any tips after feburary 4th would still be great ! just having some issues with paper 2 studied drama romeo and juliet, studied poetry mid term break and studied novel to kill a mockingbird thanks in advance

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      For Romeo and Juliet , don't kill yourself learning off the quotes , have a few for the main characters and use them wherever you can.Try to learn off some phrases from your notes.It's a good idea to learn the character essays.Poetry is not as hard as it seems,select a few poems that fit into several categories such as love,war etc...understand poetic terms and be able to identify in the unseen part of the paper.Use good vocabulary and phrasing and you will fly through even if you don't know them in detail.I managed to get an A in the higher paper last year and it's all about your language and vocabulary! Best of luck and don't stress ! :)

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      I might be too late but i can tell you that you need to know 2 people in relationship for romeo and juliet and you need to know a happy poem

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      thanks for all the contributions and oleg what do you mean know 2 people in relationship for r+j ?

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      Learn only one really important quote from all the scenes in Romeo and Juliet because you don't wanna over do it with a quote as you get more marks for making your own answers

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