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    Seen Poetry sean.hilliard2

    What can come up in this section? I have heard off friends that a poet can come up or something like that yet my class has only studied for the questions on language/theme/ images etc in a poem you have studied-we've only done 2(Nettles and Base Details) so what can come up here?

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      Higher level..

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      I did some research on what has come up in the last few years for studied poetry question, since 2005. You can be asked on a poet but that has only been asked ONCE since 2005, which was 2006. Also, there's a possibility of you being asked to disucss TWO poems, as last year one of the questions asked about 2 poems, so it could be a possibility again this year. Questions usually ask you about ONE POEM though.

      Also, in the most recent years, 1 of the 2 questions have been very open questions allowing you to choose next to any poem e.g "Pick any poem which you enjoy" instead of "Pick a poem which involves the theme of death".

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