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    To kill a mockingbird Anna Mc Hugh

    I am in Higher Level English and am studying "To Kill A Mockingbird" as my novel. Would anyone have any good quotes to use as I seem to be using the same few in all my answers and would appreciate any help.

    Thank you:-)

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      www.studynotes has a quote section where you can find lots of good quotes.

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      try the main quote it always wins teachers over ........

      ' shoot all the bluejays you want if you can hit em but remember its a sin to kill a mocking bird'

      instead of writing long quotes into your sentences encorporate them!! for example

      Mr. Radley was ''ramrod straight'' and never let ''boo'' out of the house because of all the rumors about him


      scout was afraid that whe she would meet ''boo'' she would be afraid of him but as she stood on her porch alone with him she calmly sais ''Hey Boo''

      hope this helps i have the same problem but spark nots really helps so try it

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