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    Answer length for maximum marks suzie

    How long should the reading comprehension, media studies answers be on paper one/ Also unseen fiction and drama questions on paper 2?

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      depending on how much a question is worth. try have a point/ paragraph for every 5 marks or so. so ifs its 15 marks then a minimum of 3 points. it really depends on how big your writing is. try aim for at LEAST a page and a bit for comprehension and maybe a bit more for media.

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      Okay! Thanks so much I really don't want to get deducted marks for answers being too short. Now I've got to see how I'm going to manage writing page long answers for three questions in under 30mins.

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      15 marks=3 paragraphs.30 marks=6 paragraphs with one specific point in each(back what you are saying up)

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