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Any suggestions?
embaela Junior Cert English — 30/05/16 6

Any suggestions on how to study seen poetry for a 2nd year summer test? Have 8 of them to learn for tomorrow, do I learn them all off by heart or...?

EA22 — 29/05/16
Tell me the 8 poems and I will help u choose
embaela — 29/05/16
Digging by Seamus Heaney, in memoriam M.K.H by Seamus Heaney, Walking away by Cecil day Lewis, the dead by billy Collins, some days the sea by Richard blanco,things by fleur Adcock, this moment by Eavan Boland and On holiday by Eavan Boland
EA22 — 29/05/16
If I was you I'd choose 2-3 poems which have a different theme each
embaela — 29/05/16
Thank you
Lordan1 — 29/05/16
youre in second year you little faggot drop out
EA22 — 30/05/16
No problem
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