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    Blackberry picking sarahdaly7

    Any body have notes need badly exam tommz xx

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      Blackberry picking

      The Imagery in this poem is very effective.Heaney sets the scene almost like an artist paints a picture in our minds. First of all the poem is set in the late summer time early autumn and the use of rich autumn colors enhance the images "amongst others red green hard as a knot" The main technique he uses is descriptive writing. The similie adds detail to the poem. "Hard as a knot"

      Evokes our senses:

      Taste:"like thickened wine,summers blood was in it" "it's flesh was sweet"

      Feeling: " wet grass bleached our boots" feeling of excitement anticipation

      Visual: colours appeal to our senses

      Rhyme : clot and knot

      End rhyme : last line

      The second paragraph we see a mood change.The slant rhyme conveys disharmony. It shows the disappointment is really occurring and the author reflects the process this is a metafor the cycle of life. The berries die they will rot. The ending is painful and bittersweet.

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      Thanks a million xx

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      Sarah Jayne

      is that an A grade answer ?

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